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Solvent extraction machine arrow HST300 Solvent Extraction Machine

HST300 Solvent Extraction Machine

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Introduction of HST300 Solvent Extraction Machine

HST300 solvent extraction machine is suitable for the normal pressure/micropressure/water decoction/warm maceration/hot reflux forced circulation/permeation extraction & concentration,organic solvent recovery concentration and other processes in Chinese traditional medicine, health products, biological, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. HST300 solvent extraction machine is the ideal equipment for colleges and universities, research institutes,research and development departments and laboratories of enterprises and institutions,and many varieties,small batch production of pharmaceutical plant.

Features of HST300 Solvent Extraction Machine

1. High efficiency of extraction and concentration, after one feeding,the material liquid is recycle used in the airtight device. The active ingredient in material can be extracted continously, therefore more than 30% solvent can be saved in the same extraction amount. Since the steam is secondary used in the concentrate, the equipment can save 50% energy consumption.

2. High sensitivity of the device: This device is very sensitive to temperature regulation (accuracy ± 1 ℃)

3. Compact structure, occupy the area of around 2 M2, manufacturing operations comply with GMP standards

4. Can be adapted to water extraction, alcohol extraction or solvent extraction,suitable for the extraction,concentration,and organic solvent recovery of liquid herbal, tea extraction and fruit juices etc. 

Device parameters of small and medium capacity of HST300 Solvent Extraction Machine                                                                                                                                                              

Hot water generator power35 KW 
Heating area of extraction tank2.85M2
Condensing Area of Condenser2.3M2
 Note of HST300 Solvent Extraction Machine

We can also add the ultrasonic extraction function on HST300 solvent extraction machine. Ultrasonic extraction is extracted at normal temperature, effectively reduces the loss of heat-sensitive components. Meanwhile the ultrasonic extraction and concentrate units use the titanium shaped ultrasonic generator, air mixing (or mechanical agitation) so that a large volume of Chinese herbal medicines can be fully exposed to the ultrasound probe.It accelerates precipitation of the active ingredient in the raw materials.