Supercritical CO2 extraction machine
The supercritical fluid technology is a new-type separation technology in modern chemical separaton. The supercritical extraction takes CO2 as the solvent, as CO2 fluid under supercritical state has larger density and dielectric constant, larger dissolvability against substances, which can change ab...
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Essential oil extraction machine
This unit is popular in extraction of essential oil from plants,flowers,leaves,wood, such as rose,lavender,eucalyptus leaves,lemongrass,citronella,sandalwood, agilawood etc.By steam distillation or water distillation, the steam passes through plants material and vaporizes oil,mixtures of steam and o...
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Low temperature ethanol extraction machine
Low temperature ethanol extraction machine is a machine specifically for hemp/cannabis extraction.It is a complete production line to extract high quality crude oil from hemp/cannabis,including pre-cooling part,extraction part,filtration part,dual stages ethanol recovery part, ,vacuum part,heating a...
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Normal &high temperature (ultrasonic) solvent extraction machine
As the base unit of the extractor field ,it can be used for various fields of pharmaceutical, food, and chemical etc.We can use different extraction process for herbs,flowers,seeds,fruits,leaves,bone water extraction,solvent extraction, thermal reflux etc.This is the ideal equipment for col...
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Rotary evaporator
Rotary evaporator is an extraction system that using the different boiling point of material to separate target material from a mixture. It always match with vacuum pump and chiller:Vacuum pump can keep the system at better vacuum degree, and lower the boiling point of the liquid. Chiller can coolin...
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